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Ranging from start-up to established companies across different industries, we strive in helping various professional business pursuits by providing cost-effective solutions and quality talents that serve as an extension of your in-house operations, wherever you are in the globe.

We are Remote Workforce Experts

We are

We know our

We know that good customer experiences with a streamlined back end are the building blocks for every future business success.

We support
all businesses

We support businesses of every size to focus on what they do best while we utilize our offshoring expertise to help them grow.

We are committed on solving problem

We are dedicated on creating solutions designed to solve business struggles and add value to people’s lives.

We custom-build our solutions

Whether it’s powering up your launch into a new market or venture or employing sophisticated back office ops, we tailor offshoring solutions to your needs.

What makes Remote Control Unique

We understand your vision

Having the right offshore partner is crucial in achieving success. Here in Remote Control: we listen to your vision, understand your culture, and help you attain your long and short-term goals.

Growth, Development and Partnership

We believe that excellence comes in the form of teamwork and strategy development. We offer seminars, workshops, and training for the offshore staff. We also encourage our clients to visit the Philippines and host team-building events for their PH staff.

Why Offshore with Remote Control

We help most companies save up to 70% of the salary cost without compromising the quality of the hire
Remote Workforce is the NEW NORMAL
We are open 24/7, with full access to your offshore staff during your local hours.
We are fully equipped with the latest technology, onsite IT support, and backup generators. We also run the most advanced high-speed internet in the Philippines.

We have our onsite HR Manager and Team Leaders monitoring and supporting your staff, and this is to ensure that they are 100% focused on their work and are clocking in and out of our controlled office each day. 

Recruiting is time-consuming. At Remote Control, not only will we alleviate your stress in finding the right person for the job, but it will also give you time to focus on running the other facets of your business.

Industry Sectors we work with

Insurance & Investment

• Claims
• Actuarial
• Underwriting
• Lead generation
• Sales

Accounting & Finance

• Bookkeeper
• Payroll Specialist
• Collections Specialist
• Accounts Payable Specialist
• Accountant
• Reconciliation Specialist
• Auditor

Information & Technology

• Software Developer
• Mobile App Developer
• Tech Support
• Quality Assurance Analyst
• Network Engineer
• Network Administrator
• Business Systems Administrator
• Application Support Specialist
• Xamarin Developer

Creative Marketing

• Graphic Designer
• Web Developer
• 3d & Animation Artist
• Writer
• Digital Marketing Specialist
• SEO Specialist
• Social Media Specialist
• Marketing Manager
• Campaign Manager
• AutoCAD Specialist

Recruitment Process

• Market Mapping
• Candidate Screening
• Interviewing
• Reference Checking
• Employment Contracts
• Administration
• CV Formatting

Business Support

• Virtual Receptionist
• General Administrator
• Data Entry Operator
• Virtual Assistant
• General Transcriber
• Data Cleansing Specialist
• LinkedIn Specialist
• SystemHUB Specialist

Contact Center

• Sales Representative
• Customer Service Representative
• Live Chat Support
• Call Center Service
• Customer Care
• Help Desk
• CRM Administrator

E-Commerce & E-Business

• Technology Intellect
• User Experience Design
• Web Developement
• Customer Support
• Product Inquiry
• Overall Website Testing
• Data Analysis
• Paid Advertising
• Search Engine Optimization

Real Estate

• Setter Sales Support
• Leasing Administration
• Inspection Support
• Maintenance Support
• Accounting & Bookkeeping
• Invoice Administration
• Digital Marketing
• Photo and Video Editing

Sales & Marketing

• Telemarketer
• Upsell & Cross-sell
• Lead Generator
• Calendar Booker
• Account Manager

Remote Control enables companies to flourish and retain their staff back home. Allowing them to focus on their core services.

Our Professional Remote Workforce cover complex workloads as well as the tedious and repetitive tasks.

We SAVE jobs, not take them away.

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